family owned and operated business with over 90 years of experience.


A Comforting Connection

Thumbies® creates personalized jewelry keepsakes using your loved one’s fingerprint. Each unique piece of jewelry helps to keep memories alive and provide a physical reminder of your loved one to carry with you every day.

Celebrate People

Thumbies® are designed to celebrate the life of your loved ones while creating enduring symbols that connect generations. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans committed to helping you find comfort in some of life’s most difficult moments.

How It Works

We take prints upon a family’s approval. Using a digital scanner, the fingerprint will get stored into a secure database and assigned a special ID number. When you decide to purchase a keepsake through Thumbies® (now, or in the future) you simply input the ID number when requested, a skilled artisan will begin handcrafting your keepsake, and it will be shipped straight to you!

Ordering Your Personalized Keepsake

When ordering your personalized keepsake, be sure you have your loved one’s fingerprint ID available. Visit or click the button below to get started creating and ordering your personalized keepsake.

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