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COVID-19 Updates

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Covid-19 Update 1/27/2021: Gov. Cuomo has lifted the Yellow Zone Restrictions. We are waiting for the final allowed capacity numbers to be released, but we think we are back to pre-zone levels or higher. So we assume 50-60 people until we hear otherwise.

11/11/2020: Eastern Monroe County, including the City of Rochester, has entered the Yellow Covid Protocol Zone, what that means so far is gatherings inside are limited to 25(does not need to be the same 25 from start to finish), also states outside as well. I am hoping for more clarity as it pertains to funerals, and Masses, I am sure more information will be coming. As we have from the beginning of Covid, we are offering live streaming at the funeral home at no charge.

10/13/2020: Nothing new since August, hopefully we have an easy fall and no new restrictions.  We have been told the NYS Dept of Health will give permission to those request it for permission to travel into NY from a restricted state for a funeral.

8/14/2020: It has been a month since my last update.  Things are for the most part still the same.  Safe practices, masking, and social distancing are being adhered to here.  Live streaming has been working well and well received.  Next month school starts for the kids and life for all parents will be hectic. Consider any pre-planning before we become teachers, bus drivers, and lunch monitors… Stay safe and be well

7/15/2020: Mandates from the State: Masks are mandatory for all visitors and violations start at $1000. So please just wear the mask. If coming from a travel restricted state the 14 day quarantine is in effect, no exceptions offered by the Governors office as of yet.

6/25/2020: Entering Phase 4 no significant changes. The State is adding things as we go, and putting rules, where rules weren’t. Frustrating…

6/10/2020: Phase 2 guidelines for funeral homes will allow us to have 50 people in the funeral home at one time. The 50 does not need to be the same from start to finish. Depending on your immediate family size for example it maybe 30 family members with 20 rotating through. The final number will be determined by each family, everyone has a different comfort level and we respect that.
Following the guidelines, setting foot traffic directional patterns, ample hand sanitizer stations, we are comfortable with the 50 number using both rooms, per State guidelines only 1 service/family at a time, and we were planning on that anyway. Also the State guidelines are not exact, the guidelines have a good, better, best feel to them, expect variation for any funeral you attend, and please be patient, this is a new experience for all of us. Your safety is a priority.
Funeral Masses were also approved, each Church and place of worship can set there own guidelines. Cemeteries have also relaxed to Phase 2 guidelines again each cemetery will be different. Military Honors are once again permitted at the cemeteries.
Please feel free to contact us with specific questions. We are here to assist with all your needs.

From older updates here is what still applies:
Face coverings are mandatory
Arrangements are limited now to 5 immediate family members
We do offer virtual arrangements
We are still doing pre-arrangements.

ALL MEETINGS ARE BY APPOINTMENT, do to cleaning and some remote working time. Thank you


5/13/2020: Funeral homes were not included in Phase 1 re-opening. So all is the same. Hopefully we have included in Phase 2 and can allow more people for visitations. We have relaxed our limits on outside services, masks and proper social distancing have proven this possible. Please call because many venues have set limits different than the State guidelines.

5/4/2020: Knowing more about this pandemic, and new supply chains for cleaning products and PPE,  have given us the capacity to once again resume face to face meetings for both at-need and pre-need.  If you are willing to wear a face covering we will meet with you. If you do not have a face covering one will be provided.  We still are limiting arrangements to 3 guests to encourage social distancing.  Those who do not wish to come in may still opt for virtual consultation, and email, mail, etc.  We are comfortable offering both options.  All meetings will be done strictly by appointment only, we will be cleaning surfaces and wiping high touch items in between appointments.  We are still limiting visitations to 10 and hope that will be lifted or revised on May 15th.  Call or email us with any questions, we are here for you.  Safety for you, your family, and our families are our highest priority.

4/18/2020: The Governor has extended the PAUSE order to May 15th. Hopefully we can see a way forward after that. We are always available by phone & email to help with any questions.

4/10/2020.  Many cemeteries and crematories have revised hours and minimal policy changes.  Services have been delayed slightly but still able to occur. Our revision below is still accurate, hopefully things improve in the coming weeks. Stay safe and stay united in fighting this pandemic.

(Revised 3/21): Our prayers go out to everyone in the community and worldwide. We are still open. We are working from home as much possible, to practice good social distancing.
How has the pandemic effected funerals and planning?
We are suspending all face to face meeting for non-urgent pre-arrangements. All pre-arrangements can be done through mail, email, and phone conversations. If a family insists on meeting for an urgent pre-need we will.
For at-need families we will be following the guidelines of the Monroe County Health Department, NYS PAUSE declaration, and City of Rochester State of Emergency, and will limit all private visitations, cemetery, and gatherings to 10 people(immediate family only) including staff. All arrangements can be done with minimal to no face to face contact if desired. This is the best course of action we can take to safeguard you, our staff, and the community.
We are truly sorry this pandemic will impact so many families during a time of grief, when family and friends are so needed for support. We encourage all of those that would normally attend a funeral to look for online guestbooks, give donations instead of flowers, call, email, and text, to find a way to show your support. We hope many families select to hold a future memorial service when things return to normal. Thank you to all, and please support your community. Together we will prevail over these troubled times.  Information is constantly updating and developing and we will do our best to keep this link updated. 

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